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As requested, please find an application for residency
in our community.


We require only basic information at this time. Please complete and return the application to the address below. Once received, your application will be added to our MARKET RENT waiting list. Please understand that it is not only the date of application that is used for housing, other factors are considered when a unit becomes available.

When a vacancy occurs, we review all applications for that size of units. We must meet a target level set by the Ministry of Housing and the City of Ottawa concerning the number of market rent and subsidized rents. Contact is then made with those applicants eligible for that unit.

All applications are kept on file unless a request is received to cancel.

Our community is comprised of:

- A 16 unit two-story apartment building made up of one and two bedroom regular and accessible units.
- 18 stacked town home units – 2 two bedroom, 2 three bedroom and 2 three bedroom accessible

- 7 units designed for the environmentally sensitive – 2 bachelor, 3 two bedroom and 2 three bedroom

All the town homes have individual entrances and fenced yards.

We are walking distance to shopping centers, banks the library, Walter Baker Sports Centre, many parks and the bicycle path. The community Police and Fire stations are also in close proximity. There are many schools in the area. For people who use the public transit system, OC Transpo stops right at the door.

Thank you for your interest in Barrhaven Non Profit Housing Incorporated.


Yours truly


Janis Lacroix
Property Manager


Environmentally Sensitive Units

Brief Overview

The Environmentally Sensitive (ES) multi unit building at 3005 Jockvale Road has two 3-bedroom, three 2-bedroom & 2 1-bedroom (Bachelor) units.

Although located in an urban/suburban setting, the ES units are set apart from our conventional housing units and are downwind (east) of a small park/ball diamond leased to the City of Nepean who have committed to not use any pesticides/herbicides on that property. The units are relatively small and have limited storage space. The materials used in their construction were carefully selected by the architect in conjunction with CMHC to minimize tenant’s exposure to irritants and contaminants that typically have a significant impact on EI sufferers. The floors are polished concrete and load-bearing walls are constructed of concrete locks formulated without the typical form-releasing agents or other additives used in conventional concrete products. Other partition walls are made of kiln-dried basswood. The units were constructed to R-2000 standards and there are no fireplaces. The heating and ventilation system was carefully designed to optimize indoor air quality and avoid any unventilated areas that might support mould growth etc. It is a forced air system with continuous air circulation, hearing via an electric boiler, feeding a radiator in-line in the air distribution system and a heat recovery ventilator to exhaust stale air and bring in and pre-heat fresh air. Originally the concrete block walls were left in their natural (gray) colour and treated with an approved water-based sealant. Subsequently, to enhance the aesthetics of the living space and brighten the units, the concrete block walls were sealed and painted with Glidden Lifemaster 2000 paint, a zero-VOC paint widely used by and for EI sufferers. The basswood walls and upstairs ceiling in the three-bedroom unit were also treated with additional coats of appropriate water-based sealers (AFM Sefecoat Safeseal) to minimize the emission of aromatic terpenes from the basswood that some EI sufferers find irritating.

While the units were carefully developed to minimize contaminants and irritants, and are maintained to retain their integrity and suitability for those suffering from environmental sensitivities, they were developed on a limited budget and are not a perfect, sterile environment. Lease conditions for these units specifically prohibit smoking, pets, use of aromatic cleaning and personal care products, etc. Nevertheless, everyone has different environmental sensitivities and some may find that they still cannot tolerate the units. That is why we strongly suggest that prospective tenants visit the units and thoroughly evaluate their suitability and compatibility.


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