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How can I join EHA Ontario?

The EHA Ontario invites the public to become members. Please download our English brochure by clicking here, et notre brochure fran├žaise ici.  And our poster can be viewed by clicking here.

To join the EHA Ottawa, please print out the application form, complete it, and then mail it to:

EHA Ontario (Membership)
Box 33023 
Ottawa, ON
K2C 3Y9

If you have any questions about membership, please email:

Membership is only $25 per year and includes:

•  access to informative meetings and workshops,
•  EHA Ottawa’s Eco-Sense newsletter (Sample 1 and  Sample 2)
•  access to the Source Book,
•  access to organic meats and wild game at reasonable cost,
•  speaking with one voice to obtain a pesticide bylaw,
•  access to upcoming events and multimedia presentations
•  information about conferences, etc.
•  opportunity to list items in our “buy, trade and sell” section in Eco-Sense and our bulletin board.

As a branch organization under our national, registered charitable organization, the Human Ecology Foundation of Canada,  receipts can be issued to donors for tax purposes.  Our registered charity number is:
BN 13273-7099 RR0001

For new members only, the membership fee is pro-rated to the annual renewal date of September 1. When applying, please refer to the table below to determine the amount of your cheque.

Sept  Oct Nov  Dec Jan Feb Mar  Apr May June July Aug
$25 $23 $21 $19 $17 $15 $13 $11 $9 $7 $5 $28*

*The $28 August fee covers August plus a full membership year.

For renewing members, your membership fee ($25) is due September 1 of every year. Please send your cheque of $25 before September 1 to EHA Ontario, Box 33023, Ottawa, ON  K2C 3Y9 and mark "Renewal" in the memo line of your cheque. (No application form is required for renewing members.) If you wish to renew for more than one year, please remit $25 for each year and indicate the number of renewal years (e.g. Renewal 3 yrs, $75) in the memo line.




Member Testimonials:

“Joining AEHA was excellent for me. I felt there was so little
information out there and a real need for a self-help group other than
my doctor, because they don’t have time. There is good mutual
support--realizing you are not alone is so important! Meetings are very
supportive and the presentations are always educational. I learned of
new sources to find things I need, which has been a great help. And I
was very impressed with the library and the newsletter, which let me get
the information I needed. It’s also about being with people who give
you affirmation.”
Judith Baril, member since 1998.


“I was diagnosed with environmental illness in 1988, and there was very
little information then. There were two years when I could hardly leave
my house. Every meeting is a lot of help and has had something that
could help me. I kept going and learning and educating myself. The
organization also helped me with my husband. At first he didn’t
understand, but when I brought home articles for him to read, he’s
become much more supportive. I would highly recommend the AEHA.”
Eleanor McDougall, member since 1991.

Please Consider Volunteering!

Helping is Healing: We need you! Volunteering for the EHA Ontario may be just the thing to improve your outlook and your health. The support and educational work of the EHA is being done by a small group of very nice people who are themselves suffering from environmental sensitivities. We welcome you even if you wish to volunteer on a one-time basis. Give us a call. Here are some ideas: stuffing envelopes, contributing news articles or cartoons for our Eco-Sense newsletter, advertising and promotion, helping out at conferences and fundraising.

If you are able to help distribute any posters, please contact  to ensure that multiple posters are not going up in the same locations - THANKS!.


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