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Audio recordings and presentations, as listed below, are available free to our members by download (password protected, for members only). If you cannot use a computer and would like a CD copy, they are available at cost ($5 for both audios on one CD plus $2 shipping). Please send your $7 cheque with name and mailing address, specifying the date of the audio, e.g. "Nov 20, 2008 Audio" to: EHA Ontario, Box 33023, Ottawa, ON K2C 3Y9.


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December 2, 2010

Environmental Sensitivities and the Duty to Accommodate Disability
Presented to EHAO by Lori Harreman of Jewitt McLuckie and Associates on the 30th of November 2010

Download presentation by clicking here  (members only, see explanation above)



November 19, 2009 - David Lescheid of PureMedNaturopathic Centre spoke on topics such as: detoxification, removing heavy metal from system, infectious diseases and the immune system, stress and ability to cope, etc.

Audio recordings: (click to download them -- password required, see above))

1) Dr. David Q&A 1.mp3

2) Dr. David Q&A 2.mp3

3) Dr. David part 3 Naturopathic Principles - support healing power of nature.mp3

4) Dr. David part 4 Root Causes -Diet+Lifestyle.mp3

5) Dr. David part 5 Natural Health Products.mp3

6) Dr. David part 6 PsychoNeuroImmunolgy-Prevention-Promotion.mp3

7) Dr. David part 7 The Naturopathic Doctor.mp3


May 14, 2009 - Seminar on Live Blood Cell Analysis and various treatments for ES to EHA Ontario Members, presented by Dr. Carri Drzyzga of Emerine Wellness Solutions

Members of EHA Ontario may download Dr. Drzyzga's Powerpoint presentation by clicking here and audio recordings of the seminar are here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


January 2009 - Ottawa University Seminar by Magda Havas on the health effects of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs). 

Members of EHA Ontario may access slides (pdf format) of this seminar by clicking here

(The user ID and password were distributed by e-mail.) If you would like to have it in printed format, it is available at cost by Canada Post for $5 to cover postage and handling. Please specify January 2009 EMF Seminar printout and mail your $5 cheque to EHA Ontario, Box 33023, Ottawa, ON K2C 3Y9. 



November 20, 2008 - Shiv Chopra's presentation to EHA Ontario members

Dr. Chopra speaks about his new book "Corrupt to the Core" as well as food safety in Canada. 

Audio recordings:




November 20, 2008 - Celiac Association, Ottawa Chapter, speaks to EHA Ontario about celiac disease and treatment.   

Audio recordings:




DVD Recordings are now available from the EHA Ontario
Date Event Title
June 3, 2006 "Cancer Prevention" - with speaker Dr. Jozef Krop
Feb 4, 2006 "Your Home, Your Health"
with Paul Battle, Linda Nolan-Leeming and Rodney Wilts
Nov. 19, 2005 "Are You Chemically Sensitive?"
- with speakers Dr. J. Krop and Dr. J. Armstrong

Total cost including shipping and packaging per DVD:
$10 Canadian (includes shipping) or $12 Canadian if shiped to the U.S.

Make your cheque payable to EHA Ontario and send it to:
EHA Ontario
Box 33023
Ottawa, ON  K2C 3Y9

Please note in the memo line of your cheque which DVD(s) you want  -- i.e. the June 3, 2006 DVD and/or  Feb 2006 DVD and/or Nov 2005 DVD.  Thank-you.



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