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Resource Centre 

The following page is intended to provide those living with allergies and environmental sensitivities with resources to better understand and deal with their situation. These resources are not necessarily endorsed by the EHA Ontario. They serve as a starting point on your journey to improved health and daily living.

Alphabetically sorted topics from the Table of Contents:

Adverse Effects Reporting

The Canadian federal government has recently established adverse effects reporting mechanisms for pesticides, perfumes and drugs and health products  The EHA Ontario recommends that individuals who've suffered from adverse effects report them immediately by clicking on the links above and filling out the necessary information.  

By November 2006, the outer label of cosmetic products sold in Canada will have to list all the ingredients in the product.  For more information, please click here

Articles of Interest

The EHA Ontario maintains a collection of research articles.  Please click here to view them.

Book Reviews:

Saving Yourself from the Disease Care Crisis - Dr. Walter Stoll

Dr. Walter Stoll is a courageous human being who because of his beliefs in treating his patients with a combination of allopathic and naturopathic, complementary and alternative treatments has been harassed by his own profession. Dr. Stoll advocates a whole foods diet and discusses the critical state of health care in America. He proposes a common sense "safe" approach to returning to wellness, including the avoidance of sugar. A MUST read.
The Healing Power of Whole Foods - Beth Loiselle
Beth Loiselle, a registered dietician, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Institutions Management. In this diet, which supports Dr. W. Stoll`s approach to wellness, refined carbohydrates which include any type of sugar, as well as alcohol and caffeine, are totally eliminated. Also highlights the many hidden sources of sugar (some incredibly surprising such as salt) and is written in layman`s language. A GOLDMINE of information on the foods we eat.

Canadian Food Recalls and Allergy Alerts

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) maintains an index of food recalls and allergy alerts.  Their index can be viewed online by clicking here.

Canada-wide Housing Conection

Philip writes: I am starting a Canada-wide service that will connect people who need EI-safe housing with people who can provide safe housing. Please call me if you have a house or room for rent, or if you would be willing to provide short-term housing for someone whose home is temporarily not safe (or if you would be willing to allow someone to camp temporarily on your property during an emergency). If you run a bed and breakfast or are a real estate agent, please tell me what accommodations you are willing to make for chemically-sensitive people. Please call if you are looking for a house or room either to rent long-term, or for a short-term place to stay during an emergency. Also, please call if you are looking for a roommate. I will attempt to connect people who have similar housing needs and live in the same general area. Calls from anywhere in Canada, Quebec, or the northern U.S.A. are welcome. Call Philip at 1-613-479-0291.  For more information, please click here.



City of Ottawa's Environmental Sensitivities Voluntary Registry

The City of Ottawa has set up a registry to notify people with environmental sensitivities of adulticiding (use of pesticides) for West Nile Virus near their homes.  For more information, please click here.


Disability Tax Credit

The 2008/09 personal tax guide, published by the Certified General Accountants of Ontario, provides insight into the eligibility of the disability tax credit for those afflicted with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  Click here to view the document.  The actual disability tax credit form from the Canada Revenue Agency can be downloaded by clicking here.

Another helpful article entitled "Facing the Challenges of Qualifying for Disability Tax Credits" can be downloaded by clicking here.




Eco-Sense Newsletter

Back issues are available at conferences for $1.00 each or can be mailed to you for $3.00 each to cover postage and handling.  Here are two Eco-Sense samples:
Fall 2004 and 
Winter-Spring 2006



   Ecological Lawn Care Books:

How To Get Your Lawn and Garden Off Drugs
by Carole Rubin., Friends of the Earth, (1989)
Published by Cavendish Books Inc.
Unit 5 801-1st Street North,
Vancouver, BC V7P 1A4

After being very difficult to get for many years Carole Rubin's classic ecological lawn care book is now available again. It is the original version, no changes were made because the author felt that none were necessary.

To purchase this book, contact:

Kathleen Kelso
Program Manager
Friends of the Earth Canada
260 St. Patrick St., Suite 206
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5K5Phone: 613-241-0085, ext. 0
Fax: 613-241-7998

The Landscaping Revolution: Garden with Mother Nature, Not Against Her
by Andy Wasowski & Sally Wasowsky; Hardcover; 176 pages;
Published by Contemporary; ISBN 0809226650
This is a gardening book for people who don't believe chemicals are the best way to coax vibrant life out of plants. Sprinklers and lawnmowers are the best maintainers of a lush, healthy lawn. There's a green revolution out there, one ensuring you get the backyard of your dreams - without breaking your back! Taking an environmentally friendly approach, Andy and Sally Wasowski show the key to successful gardening is to work with nature, not against it. You can take advantage of your climate, its indigenous plants and easy-to-maintain garden designs with The Landscaping Revolution, a step-by-step guide fleshed out by antique gardening ads and illustrations. 



Emergency Housing (Ottawa):

Action Housing (East end of Ottawa)    Call  (613) 562-8219

Action Housing (West end of Ottawa)   Call  (613) 563-4532




           First Nations - Pollution, Diabetes mellitus, Obesity, Mercury poisoning

           For more information, please visit the website:




Healthy Housing

EHAO recommends the following 3 guides prepared by the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA):

1) Healthy Housing Guidelines -- click here to download.

2) Creating Healthy Multi-Unit Housing -- click here to download.

3) Creating Healthy Apartments: What you need to know  -- click here to download.




Hospital Guide for taking care of patients with Environmental Sensitivities

The David Thompson Health Region of Alberta, Canada, has produced a hospital guide on how to care for patients with Environmental Sensitivities.  Patients and healthcare providers are encouraged to review their guide here and also their scent free policy here.




Library - EHA Ontario's Ottawa Audio/Visual Collection (For Members in good standing only)

Loan Duration Period: Maximum of 1 month (Membership Card Required)

To request/reserve audio/visual materials, or for an appointment to visit the library, please call:
 613-860-2342 (EHA Ontario Hotline)

Please call ahead to request A/V items and they will be made available for sign-out and pick-up at the EHA Ontario's Ottawa office.  A/V materials may also be borrowed by mail. (The postage is paid by the borrower.) 

- For a complete listing, please click here: EHA books and EHA audio /visual materials.

In addition to the EHA's Ottawa branch libary, there is of course the Ottawa Public Library.  

The following books of interest are available from the Ottawa Public Library: 


Title Author Call Number
Beyond Antibiotics Schmidt & Smith & Sehnert 616.079 S349
Finding The Right Treatment Krohn, Jacqueline 610 K93
The Impossible Child  Rapp, Doris M.D. 618.9289 R221
What Your Doctor Won't Tell You Heimlich, Jane 615.5H467




Living with electro-hypersensitivity (EMFs)

Electrohypersensitivity or EHS is a physiological condition. It is characterized by neurological and immunological symptoms that noticeably flare or intensify upon, or following expose to:

  • Wireless emissions (WLAN, cell/wireless phones, cell and radio towers);
  • Electromagnetic fields (computers, engines, inferior wiring, power lines);
  • Ground current and 'dirty electricity'.

Many individuals with Environmental Sensitivities (ES) who are intolerant to toxic chemicals are also electro-hypersensitive.

For more information, please visit this excellent website: WEEP and their Survival Guide.




       Meat Freezer - (Members Only)

Wild game meat orders are handled by EHA Ontario for Ottawa area members. Availability of meats is on a seasonal basis.  For further information, please phone our helpline at (613) 860-2342.



Multimedia presentations

Members of EHA Ontario may access multimedia presentations of some of our events by clicking here.    



Mold / Fungi Detection and Remediation

Mold is known to cause severe health problems.  The New York City Health Department has prepared a helpful document which outlines adverse health effects of mold and how to go about testing for it and removing it in indoor environments.  Due to copyright, we can't post it here, but it can be viewed at their site by clicking here (if you're prompted to register to view the document, just exit the registration window by pressing the X at the top right of the registration screen--you can then view the document underneath).  

Additionally, the OEHC website has info on mold and is located by clicking here.


Safe Housing Ottawa (Chemical Free Housing building in Ottawa)
For more information, and to apply for the waiting list, please click



Source Book

The January 2008 Source Book is now available.  

The EHA Ontario's Source Book contains a list of available suppliers and services, primarily in the Ottawa area, who offer helpful alternatives to people with environmental sensitivities and allergies.  Following is a list of the supplier categories you can expect to find in this valuable reference resource book: 

  • Accommodations and Travel
  • Air Cleaners and Filters
  • Associations
  • Auto Servicing
  • Baby Supplies
  • Bedding, Linens and Towels
  • Book Stores
  • Books - Recommended Reading
  • Books - Cookbooks
  • Caregiver Services
  • Carpeting
  • Chemical Hazards and Alternatives
  • Cleaning Services & Products
  • Clothing
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Consultants
  • Dentists
  • Electromagnetic Information
  • Environmental Health Clinics
  • Fabric and Drapes
  • Face Masks and Respirators
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Garden Care and Pesticide Alternatives
  • Home Inspection
  • Housing: Construction and Repair
  • Housing: Heating and Air Conditioning 
  • Information
  • Legal & Claims Help
  • Libraries & Resources
  • Lighting
  • Mail Order Services
  • Office and Stationery Supplies
  • Personal Care
  • Pharmacies
  • Physicians
  • Restaurants
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Water
  • Websites
  • Membership Application

Source Book Cost:  Members $10.00 & Non-Members $12.00  (Add $2 for mailing.)

To order, please click here: Source Book Order Form and then mail it to: 
   EHA Ontario

Box 33023 
Ottawa, ON
K2C 3Y9 

If charitable receipts are needed for donations, your cheque or money order must be made out to the EHA Ontario. As a branch organization under our national, registered charitable organization, the Human Ecology Foundation of Canada, receipts can be issued to donors for tax purposes.

Canadian Registration Charity No. 132737099 RR0001

The EHA Ontario Source Book will be mailed when payment has been received. 

*The Source Book, published by the Environmental Health Association (EHA Ontario), is for people with Environmental Sensitivities, Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Attention Deficit Disorder, as well as health conscious people. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, but to provide introductory guidance for people.

EHA does not assume any responsibility for the products or services mentioned in this document which a person finds unsuitable due to his or her sensitivities. 



Useful Websites:  EHA Ontario has compiled a list of links to useful websites that might be of interest to the EI community.  Please click here to access Useful Websites web page.




Video on Environmental Sensitivities:  To view the video, please click here.




The contents of this EHA website, (i.e. text, graphics, images, and any other material) are for informational purposes only. The contents are thus not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other professionally accredited, qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read or seen on the EHA site.

EHA does not recommend or endorse any treatment, test, procedure, product, opinion, service or other information appearing on this site or any other site to which it may be linked. Reliance on any of the aforementioned is solely at your own risk.

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