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This web site is possible because of the generous sponsorship of the following businesses and organizations. All of these businesses and organizations provide services and/or products that may be of value to those dealing with environmental sensitivies and related illnesses and syndromes. We encourage you to show your support for the EHA Ontario by visiting the web sites and locations of our sponsors. 

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Located in Ottawa, Canada, Rainbow Natural Foods is a family-owned and operated business offering a wide selection of natural products.

Opened by Janet and Michael Kaplan in 1978 with only 800 square feet, Rainbow has grown to become a full-service, 5 000 square foot health and specialty food store, specializing in organic foods, supplements, natural body care, and healthy living products. At Rainbow, we are extremely proud of our helpful and knowledgeable staff, and the care and concern which they bring to their jobs. 

Rainbow is committed to helping our customers take an active role in their pursuit of good health. By providing information, choices, and a wide selection of natural and organic products in a warm and friendly atmosphere, Rainbow has become a place where customers come not only to shop; they come to learn.

Rainbow Foods, 1487 Richmond Road, Ottawa, ON K2B 6R9. Tel: 613-726-9200



Please let our sponsors know you heard about them on the EHA Ontario website

Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic

Great News for Allergy Sufferers

Now available to everyone. A powerful new approach that uses a simple and effective method to radically eliminate all symptoms of allergies, both Food and Environmental.

Once again enjoy your life, your family – and not worry about seasonal changes.
“Some of my symptoms: allergies and sensitivities, upset stomach, indigestion, joint pain, nerve pain, bladder pain, changing moods, low energy, listlessness, back pain.

After seeing Ramila, my muscle and joint pains are gone, bladder inflammation is gone, tennis racket no longer spins in my hand. I can visit a shopping center, even walk through the perfume section without a problem. I can stay overnight at my friend's who has cats. I can order what I like on the menu. I can snack on nuts, and eat apples after 25 years. I wear makeup and jewelry. I work and think clearly again.”  T.S.
Call for your appointment
(613) 829-0427
108-68 Robertson Road, Ottawa
K2H 8P5






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